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Tam Nguyen


Being a first-generation immigrant from Vietnam, a supply chain professional turned into a social worker and coach, Tam often finds herself at the intersections of cultures, philosophies, and social concepts. And it stays true with her professional life, where she finds joy in being a mediator, facilitator, and catalyst for system change and social justice – roles that thrive on bringing people together. Since arriving in Canada in the year 2017, she has been a companion for many underserved individuals on their career transition journey, especially immigrant women. She believes that every individual, irrespective of their background, deserves a purposeful career – one that not only supports personal growth and sustains livelihoods but also shapes a better world for generations to come. This belief inspired her to bring her business background and sustainability enthusiasm to co-found InHeartSight Community creating a working environment and a society where everyone is a leader.

Outside her time working on IHS projects, you will find her biking along the canal, practicing Aikido, or, if not, she will get lost in her thinking.

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