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InHeartSight (IHS) is a community of women professionals guiding women to succeed in their chosen career.

As our name suggests, we share our insights and the heart is at the centre of everything we do. We come from a place of empathy, caring, and understanding. We recognize every woman’s accomplishments and courage to start a new life in a different country. We know the value of having a community to help us find our path.

Our approach is based on Compassion, Collaboration, and Courage.

Because we’ve been there too, most of us have immigrant experience.


We know the journey is challenging.


We know that highly skilled professionals are often forced to accept jobs below their educational levels after they immigrate and may experience a downward shift both in their career and in their quality of life.

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We are dedicated to transforming the lives of women who are new to Canada by sharing our network, our experience, and our journey. 

To represent our desire for all our community members and every woman who comes to Canada we refer to the butterfly (which symbolizes transformation in many cultures).


We recognize that every woman who comes to this vast country for a new life is already a fully developed butterfly but because of the barriers she face cannot fully spread her wings. We are here to help her overcome those barriers and serve as her guide.

The Team


Immigrant women face many barriers and hurdles to integrate into the labour force.

Some of the barriers and hurdles that recent women immigrants face include lack of language proficiency, lack of Canadian education and experience, non-recognition of their professional credentials, inadequate familiarity with the Canadian labour market, and lack of social and professional networks.

The underutilization of immigrant talent every year can cost the Canadian economy between $2 and $5.9 billion.


In the next six years, one million jobs are expected to go unfilled across Canada. Without the right people to fill them, our potential as a nation will go unrealized.

InHeartSight Community is solving the problem of untapped human potential and wasted human resources. 

InHeartSight Community is solving a complex problem.

We need your support!

Canadian flag waving in front of the Parliament Building on Parliament Hill in Ottawa._edi
InHeartSight Community envisions a stronger and better Canada.

We want a Canada that promotes inclusive and sustainable economic growth, where all women, regardless of where they are from, reach their full potential and succeed in their chosen careers.

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