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in the Power of Community

We want to create a supportive and inclusive space where immigrant women and their allies come together to make a difference. We understand that every person has a unique story, talent, and perspective to offer, and that's what makes our community truly special. It's where dreams are nurtured, connections are forged, and positive change is ignited.

We offer a unique benefit
Our Monthly Gathering with a Coaching Circle

Monthly Gathering

Connect, learn, and share experiences with like-minded individuals

We come together every month around a specific theme that's relevant to immigrant women’s personal and professional growth.


Coaching Circle 

Receive and provide community support and practice self-leadership

Within our monthly gathering, we host a Coaching Circle where your stories, concerns, and aspirations take center stage. It's a space where you can be heard, find solutions, and connect with others who share your journey. The Coaching Circle is also a dedicated space for you to practice and refine self-leadership skills.

The Heart of our Community


We lead with kindness, respect and empathy. 



We value meaningful conversations and collaboration through the exchange of ideas, insights, and experiences. 



We honor presence, capacities, and boundaries, and we encourage each member to express themselves authentically.

These values are at the core of our community and guide everything we do

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Role of Community Members

Members are expected to actively embody our guiding values through our roles within the community. We expect members to:


Offer the gift of active listening and amplify each other’s voices by listening with our full attention without criticism or judgement.


Create a safe and inclusive space where individuals can offer help and share their skills, stories, challenges, and successes.


Be open to learning, growth and self-discovery and be willing to both coach and be coached.


The membership is open to all individuals who identify as women.


Here's how you can become a member of our vibrant community:

1. Express your interest

Let us get to know you better and understand your motivations for joining our community by filling out and submitting a brief interest form.

2. Tell us more

After receiving your interest form, we'll reach out to you to schedule a quick call. This conversation is an opportunity for us to connect on a more personal level.


3. Attend our gathering

Once you've completed the quick call, we'll put you on our waiting list for the next cohort and extend an invitation to attend our gathering where you'll meet other community members. Together, we'll embark on a journey of collaboration, growth, and empowerment.

Tell Us Your Story

Resilience is a story project launched by InHeartSight Community. We are dedicated to providing a safe and empowering space for immigrant women in Canada to share their stories, build community, and foster resilience. We believe that every individual's journey is unique and holds immense value, which is why we have created this platform for you to anonymously share your experiences.

By sharing your story, you contribute to a collective narrative that sheds light on the challenges and triumphs faced by immigrant women in their job search journey in Canada. Your voice matters, and through this project, we aim to amplify the diverse experiences and perspectives of immigrant women. 

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