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The event was a success with participants from across Canada and abroad.


Highlights of the event include having three esteemed guest speakers: Josephine Mensah, Natalie Rowe, and Renée Gendron who shared their expertise and insights on topics around enhancing employability and exploring entrepreneurship.


Key takeaways from the discussion: 


  • Natalie Rowe, Founder & CEO of Transforming Minds International, offered profound insights on enhancing employability in Canada. She discussed understanding your value, embracing continuous learning, and mastering workplace cultural dynamics to thrive in your Canadian work experience.


  • Josephine Mensah from Oneness Career Coaching Inc. and Invest Ottawa, and Renée Gendron from PARO Centre for Women's Enterprise shared invaluable insights on entrepreneurship. Topics included uncovering your path to success, crafting a blueprint for prosperity, and designing your financial future.

Roundtable Discussions

InHeartSight (IHS) knows the value of having a community to help us find our path in this country. We believe that there's so much we can learn and gain from each other.


We held virtual roundtable discussions in July and August 2023 for recent women immigrants and allies.


The purpose of these events was to offer a safe space for recent women immigrants to share their stories, concerns, and challenges about navigating their careers and new life in Canada. The events also offered attendees the opportunities to meet and network with other women who share similar experiences. 

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