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Ese Ijasan ("Eh-say" "E-Jahsun")

MSc, Ph.D., RCIC

“Tomorrow’s successful organisations will be those that harness the collective and synergistic brilliance of all their people and not just an elite few”

- F. A. Miller


"Welcome home.” These two words were the words from the officer to Ese and her family as they arrived Canada in the cold winter of December 26, 2016. Little did the officer know that those two words were the missing puzzle to Ese’s transforming life. From a professional career in Banking to being a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion advocate. A burning desire to help immigrants, visible and in(visible) minorities thrive as they make Canada their home away from home is her drive in promoting community events that support resettlement. Her passion in engaging in inspiring conversations and discourses that test preconceptions and lead to a greater understanding of power, privilege, and the ability to see things from several perspectives are what drew her to InHeartSight Community. She believes that Innovative solutions for diversity, inclusion, and a common feeling of belonging are produced because of this meaningful interaction.


Ese is a first generation immigrant from Nigeria who loves trying food recipes from around the world. When she is not working you see a fun mom, home chef, K-drama fan, a music lover, and a unique dancer.

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