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  • In 2022, more than 200,000 women immigrated to Canada.


  • 38% of immigrant women and 49.6% of recent women immigrants have completed a university certificate or degree at the bachelor's level or above.


  • 82.7% of recent women immigrants completed their highest postsecondary credential outside of Canada.


  • Immigrant women are more likely to have postsecondary credentials in the sciences, mathematics, computer and information sciences, or architecture, engineering and related technologies.


  • Immigrant women have a lower labour force participation rate compared to Canadian-born women.


  • Employment rate is lower and the unemployment rate is higher for immigrant women compared to Canadian-born women.


  • Recent female immigrants are more likely to be of core working age, 25 to 54 years old but least likely to be employed.


  • Immigrant women take longer to integrate into the labour force compared to immigrant men.


  • Immigrant women are less likely than Canadian-born women to be a member or participant in an association or organization.


  • In 2011, 60.5% of immigrant females belonged to a visible minority group.

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