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One-on-One Coaching

Our Transformative Coaching Program is ideal for racialized immigrant women who are navigating career/life transitions and want to clarify and align their work with their values, skills, and purpose.

Coaching Circles

Our Transformative Coaching Circle  for women offers leaders and aspiring leaders from diverse backgrounds powerful opportunities for collective learning, growth, and transformation. It provides a unique opportunity for all participants to share their challenges and develop their coaching skills to apply within their own working environment.

DEI IMMI Lab Systems Change Leader

Our DEI IMMI Lab - Systems Change Leader brings together different stakeholders and perspectives. It is designed to cultivate new ways of thinking about talent recruitment and retention practices, particularly with regard to highly-skilled immigrant women in Canadian workplaces. 

How it works
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As our name suggests, we share our insights and the heart is at the centre of everything we do. Our approach is guided by empathy, caring, and understanding. We have lived experiences as racialized immigrants in Canada. Therefore, we understand the nuances of intersecting identities and experiences of racialized immigrant women, including race, gender, class, and immigration status. We have the competence to apply culturally sensitive approaches that address the unique challenges and opportunities at the intersection of these identities.


While we have our frameworks and methodology for coaching and facilitating, we also co-design the format and process with the participants to ensure that they feel safe and attain their desired outcomes.

How the One-on-One Coaching Works

Step 1: FREE Introductory Session (20 minutes)

This is a no commitment, free introductory session dedicated to learning more about you, your aspirations, and your challenges. If we both feel that we may be able to support you, we'll move to Step 2.

Step 2: FREE Clarity Session (30 minutes)

Again, this is a no commitment, free session (about 30 minutes). We will use our time together to delve deeper into your needs, wants, and challenges, and explore your desired results from coaching. Based on our discussion, we may give you one or two transformative practices to support your reflection and to help you gain clarity on what you really want to, achieve, or become.


If you feel called to continue your coaching journey with us, we'll move to Step 3.

Step 3: FREE Planning Session (30-45 minutes)

We will send you a proposal outlining how we can work together towards your desired result. After reviewing our proposal and you feel that you may want to work with us, you can arrange a free planning session with us. We'll use our time together to answer any questions you may have, discuss any modifications, and if we are both satisfied with the plan, we'll formalize our coaching agreement.

Are you interested in working with us?

Let's start with an introductory session!

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